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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It really makes me wonder about how, right now, all of this shooting down of a Chinese “aircraft” has led to headlines and congressional discussion about how China is our biggest threat right now. Or is this just another diversion?

People, open your eyes!

Yes, China is a big threat, but our open border is a much bigger and more immediate threat! Why? Because cartels are coming into our country, and soon they will be running things here like they do in Mexico. Yes, for those of you not paying attention to our southern neighbor, the cartels run everything there, including their law enforcement and elected officials.

They are also sending in millions of doses of fentanyl that is killing our people. This is urgent!

This is not a partisan issue! We are all going to be under the control of the cartels if we do not control our borders. So please, Democrats, Republicans, independents, and all other parties, write to your representatives and tell them they need to take control; write and pass a bill so the president must act to close the border and get it under control.

This is not about liking or disliking immigrants. It is about controlling the flow of illegal immigrants. We all know there are people from around the world who want and need to come here. And they should be allowed to come. But if they come they must be willing to enter and live by our laws and our values.

So again, people, open your eyes. We all need to be a part of this solution or we will all be victims of the results. Do something now. Write to your governor, congressman and senator and show our support for a bill that will control our borders.

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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