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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Lack of consequences for criminal behavior is a serious problem that plagues societies around the world. When individuals feel that they can engage in criminal behavior without fear of punishment, it creates an environment that is ripe for even more crime. The lack of consequences leads to a breakdown in the rule of law, eroding the public trust that people have in their government and legal system. We see it happening in every major city in America today.

One of the primary reasons why lack of consequences leads to more crime is that it creates a sense of impunity. When people believe they can get away with committing crimes, they are more likely to engage in those behaviors, and engage in more egregious behaviors. This leads to a cycle of increasing criminal behavior, as people become emboldened by their ability to avoid punishment.

The lack of consequences for criminal behavior blatantly undermines the rule of law. When individuals and communities see there is no accountability for criminal behavior, they lose faith in the legal system and the government. This erodes the trust that people have in institutions and creates an environment where people are less likely to comply with laws and regulations.

George Gascón, district attorney of Los Angeles County, ran for office on a platform of “progressive” reforms, including reducing incarceration rates, ending the death penalty, and increasing the use of “alternatives to incarceration.” Gascón has gone way too far in his efforts to reduce incarceration rates and promote alternatives to incarceration. For example, Gascón has implemented a policy of not seeking cash bail for most misdemeanor and nonviolent felony cases. While this policy is intended to reduce the number of people being held in jail before trial, this policy has led to dangerous repeat criminal offenders being released back into the community. Gascón has implemented policies that reduce the sentences for certain crimes, such as gang-related offenses and hate crimes. This puts all our safety and the safety of our community at risk. 

Finally, Gascón’s decision to reassign prosecutors who were previously assigned to specialized units is patently absurd. These prosecutors have years of specialized training and experience that is critical to effectively prosecuting certain types of crimes. By reassigning them to general units, Gascón is undermining the ability of the DA’s office to efficiently and effectively prosecute these cases. The result is that Gascón has EMBOLDENED criminal activity across Los Angeles. And it must stop.

We in Santa Clarita are so lucky to have Santa Clarita resident and Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami running for office. He is a career prosecutor who puts victims before criminals and believes in the rule of law. He fights for families victimized by ever-increasing crime in Los Angeles. He gives murdered children a voice, and puts murderers behind bars where they belong. I urge you to check out his platform, investigate his website, go hear him speak, and get involved. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening around us.

Denise Lite

Santa Clarita

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