James Kennedy | America Was Not a Plaintiff

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Many on the left are angry about the Dominion v. Fox News legal settlement. Fox News will pay Dominion $787.5 million to end the lawsuit, a large amount for a firm with less than $20 million in revenue in 2022. For Dominion this is a big win, plus the political capital it built in blue states by defeating the Goliath of conservative news and opinion programming. They should be able to generate significant traction in states with Democratic election officials.  

Why is the left upset about the settlement? This isn’t the “Justice” most felt was deserved. They wanted and were expecting more vindication, Fox News to suffer more, be required to apologize on air or have all reporters and guests wear a blue “L” around their neck when on camera. The sentiment that America is due an apology for questioning the 2020 election results is prevalent among many Democrats. 

There is one problem with the frustration they are feeling.  

America wasn’t a plaintiff in the case. “America” didn’t file suit, Dominion did. America wasn’t allegedly defamed; Dominion was and therefore America isn’t owed an apology by Fox News. Whatever anger Democrats have mustered about the actions of Fox News in this case, they aren’t personally entitled to any compensation. Most will continue to abhor what many refer to as “Faux News,” and they will undoubtedly continue to feel they are owed something as long as Fox News continues to broadcast.  

James Kennedy


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