Larry Moore | Darn It, I Missed Angela Davis

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Letters to the Editor
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Darn it! After reading Gary Horton’s glowing report (April 19), I’m sorrier than ever that I missed Angela Davis, the first speaker in the College of the Canyons speaker series entitled, “Why I Hate America.” I did spend my evening productively, however, brushing up on my Karl Marx. Actually, I was surprised they were charging money for the poignant, eloquent (Horton’s words) event. I guess they needed money for security to hold back the throngs of ultra MAGA insurrectionists who were bound to show up. You know those ultra MAGAS … never pass up a chance to insurrect. 

Because I live in Valencia, I am thrilled to have received the list of upcoming speakers in the “Why I Hate America” series. I will be certain not to miss a single speaker. I desperately want to graduate from being a mushroom, cult follower, or political sheeple (Horton’s words), and expose myself to new ideas so I can challenge, synthesize and critique (Horton’s words). The following is a list of WIHA speakers with speech titles. 

1. Nicole Hannah-Jones: “Forget 1776 … 1619 Is the Year.” 

2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “How I Scrape By On $174,000 per Year.” 

3. Ilhan Omar: “9/11 … You had it Coming.” 

4. Rashida Tlaib: “Israel, the Real Middle Eastern Terrorists.” 

5. Cori Bush: “Defund, Hell! Disband the Police (Except those That Guard Me).” 

There is no doubt that after listening to each powerful, thought-provoking, world-leading woman (Horton’s words), I will receive total consciousness (Bill Murray’s words). I am so happy COC has battled its way into the Big Leagues (Horton’s words) by offering its students such a balanced, unbiased world perspective. We should be proud of our townspeople and proud of our remarkable college (Horton’s words).  

Larry Moore 


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