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Hardly a day goes by where we are not presented with people’s opinions and speculations that are unashamedly and boldly presented as unquestionable FACTS by the speaker/author. 

A law enforcement officer can arrest on the suspicion that a crime has been committed but a district attorney requires some actual evidence to present in court… and it requires a bit more than “we THINK this is what the person MIGHT have done.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case outside of a courtroom and people in general, and news organizations and politicians in particular, present their opinions as facts all the time with no real evidence that could ever be presented in a courtroom. 

Case in point: Where did the coronavirus originate and how did it spread around the world? Was it a natural-occurring virus or was it created in a Chinese lab? To date most logically thinking people, if they are being honest, as well as a very large number of clinical scientists believe that this virus was a human-altered virus created in a Chinese lab and about the only area where there is a lot of disagreement is how it got out of that lab. Was it intentionally released or did it accidentally escape? 

Just my own personal view on this: If the Chinese were going to intentionally release a virus, why would they do it at their lab in China and not somewhere else in the world where it could/would be blamed on someone or something other than them? Either way, at this point it’s very unlikely that the truth will ever be revealed so all we are left with is our own individual speculations that are based more on our own preconceived views than by any real provable facts. 

But that certainly won’t stop many out there from proclaiming the undeniable truth of what they are claiming, and based on past and present actions by the Chinese I wouldn’t count on them ever admitting that they (screwed) up and accidentally let the virus get out of their lab. 

Rick Barker


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