Albert Bigelow | Is an Indictment Disqualifying?

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Letters to the Editor
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Sometimes Thomas Oatway pens a piece that illustrates a view opposite to his bias. The May 10 anti-Trump letter is one such. First he cites a poll suggesting 57% of Americans believe an indictment should disqualify a person from holding office. Then he says 75% of Republicans do not believe an indictment is a disqualifying action. Those two sentences show that Republicans are smarter than the average American. Apparently Republicans are aware that an indictment is NOT a conviction; but many Americans, and Democrats, do not understand the difference. Remember, the two impeachments against Donald Trump (indictments) were eventually dismissed and he remained in office. 

We may soon see if Joe Biden is indicted and if he then remains in office.

Albert Bigelow


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