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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Why? As a long-time reader of The Signal and occasional letter-to-the-editor writer, I don’t understand why a high degree of personal attacks take place in your newspaper because someone has an opinion. Is this what we want to teach our children?

As a long-time practicing physician in this community, condemning someone for smoking, alcohol consumption and poor eating habits was counter-productive. Instead, I assumed some of it was genetic addiction, borne out of family influence, or arising from peer pressure, which is difficult to change.

Instead, I looked to find solutions to their problems controlling addictions and group influence with counseling or medicine treatment. This didn’t always work, but it was better than battering them with insults and derision.

Using bullying and derogatory labeling of letter writers sadly reflects disrespect for different opinions. Listening has always been an asset, and finding solutions worthy. This is what we should teach our children.

Would you go to a doctor who constantly condemned you instead of helping to make a diagnosis?

So, when someone brings up Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right, capitalism vs. socialism, abortion, Donald Trump, health care; gun laws, taxes, a new hospital, redistricting, or defunding of whatever — LISTEN.

Many of my patients are now living a better life because solutions were found for their problems.

Yes, I would prefer to mainly talk and write about ageism, nursing homes, and the Dodgers and Angels. 

But bullying and degrading are not what our children need to learn from us.

Dr. Gene Dorio


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