Rob Kerchner | Hunter’s Laptop Eclipses Watergate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop is emerging as an enormous news story. It meets or exceeds Watergate — the classic measuring stick of American scandal — in every respect. Does it reach into the current White House? Yes. Was it a craven attempt to subvert the electoral process? Yes again. 

Did a presidential candidate engineer a massive public deception regarding it? Yes, completely. Did it involve America’s intelligence agencies? Yes — and these weren’t amateurs like Richard Nixon’s plumbers. Rather, 50 of the most powerful people in the intelligence world — including five heads of the CIA — conspired to meddle in American politics on a grand scale.

The seriousness of the corruption shown ON the laptop is incredible enough, but add to that the overt suppression of the story by Facebook and Twitter in a historic censorship first. And then increase that scandal even further with a Department of Justice aiding in the censorship, and then purposely avoiding any of the obvious prosecutions that would pertain to the laptop’s contents. 

On top of all that, now it’s become known that this “Russian Disinformation” whopper was foisted on the American public at the behest of the Joe Biden campaign itself, with the aid of the intelligence community, compounding the original corruption, the censorship issue, and the DOJ stonewalling. 

It’s truly stunning.

Rob Kerchner


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