Thomas Oatway | Campaigning from a Jail Cell?

Letters to the Editor
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It is interesting to see that polls suggest that 57% of Americans say an indictment of a former president should disqualify that person from holding the office again. Yet 75% of Republicans believe that an indictment should not disqualify an individual from serving in the office. 

I have been one who believed that the prosecution of the Orange Man is inevitable. While I understand that his hold on the Republican Cult is strong, there seems to be no way Donald Trump could win in a general election. There are hopefully still enough voters who believe in the rule of law, and that nobody is above the law. So, I say let Trump run for office from his jail cell. We shall see if the Republican Party will still nominate him to be their standard bearer. That being the case, it may be the death knell for the party in national politics. 

Thomas Oatway


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