Thomas Oatway | Murder of Innocents

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Today (March 27) a woman took three weapons, including two AR-type guns, to an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, and murdered six innocents, including three third graders and three adults. 

This is happening in a state that has loosened the ability to carry weapons in public places. State legislators are pushing legislation to allow minors to purchase guns. Another legislator’s Christmas card has all members of his family, including three children, posing with AR-type weapons. Many Republicans are now wearing AR-15 lapel pins. They love guns more than children.

There is absolutely no need to have an AR-15 or other assault weapon for personal protection. It is simply a great killing machine. The Supreme Court has voided gun regulations in some states. Since the assault weapons ban was allowed to expire over 10 years ago, the mass shootings with these kinds of guns has risen dramatically. 

We learn of mass murders of innocents almost weekly.

I can just imagine how Republican politicians will address this latest tragedy. The 28-year-old who committed the Tennessee killings was a professed transgender woman. Look for Republicans to blame it on our “woke” culture, and make it illegal to be a transgender. That should solve it.

Thomas Oatway


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