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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Here we go again: our Democrat Assemblymember, Pilar Schiavo — just the latest in a rogue’s gallery of Democrats to represent the Santa Clarita Valley — recently voted in favor of Assembly Bill 957, a bill that would, according to Sen. Scott Wilk, “require [California] judges to consider a parent’s decision on whether to affirm a child’s gender identity when ruling on custody rights in divorce proceedings.” This is in addition to her recently authoring Assembly Bill 710 that would stigmatize and dissuade women from using crisis pregnancy centers — you know, those dangerous centers that provide counseling for young women about the alternatives to killing innocent babies through abortion.  

The above examples of left-wing Democrat policies like those authored or supported by Ms. Schiavo — similar to past types of legislation supported by fellow liberals former Assemblywoman Christy Smith and Rep. Katie Hill during their terms in office — illustrate how residents of the Santa Clarita Valley are once again being subjected to failed liberalism, the results of which result in incalculable harm to our residents: be they children, youth, adults, or seniors Where is Suzette Valladares when we need her!

That brings me to my main point: that of providing voters in the Santa Clarita Valley, knowing that the 2024 elections are just around the corner and that we all need an extra measure of discernment, with a list of observations that I have assembled based upon 40 years of working with liberal local governments, Los Angeles County, the state of California, and the federal government. Voters need to keep these observations — gleaned from decades of working closely with elected officials — uppermost in their minds. 

And while I generally avoid absolutes and generalizations, in this case, the following observations are always true for all Democrat politicians:    

1. They either create problems where there are no problems or take existing problems and make them worse. Then they propose solutions for which they take the credit. 

2. They place little value on common sense, wisdom, discernment, insight, good judgment, morality, or ethics. 

3. They are nothing if not hypocritical. At the same time, they are curiously unable to see or acknowledge their hypocrisy. 

4. They hurt the people they profess to be helping. 

5. They are unable to cite any successes from their embracing of socialism, communism, statism, secularism, humanism, globalism, or Marxism; yet, they fervently cling to and espouse those philosophies. 

6. They thrive on disunity, envy, victimhood and the adulation of the left-wing media. 

7. They are, at heart, amoral elitists: They manipulate the lower class and despise the working and middle class. 

8. They are the embodiment of what Ronald Reagan once quipped: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” 

Notwithstanding the above, there are millions of people praying for our Democrat leaders. Politicians may think they are God, and they may act like they are God; they may even refer to God when it is to their advantage, but God will not be mocked. He always has the last word; He can even change politicians’ hearts and minds if they will humble themselves before him. Let’s keep praying.

Bill Creitz


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