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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Our California legislators are working on a new law called Students Matter. Have you seen the law or its wording ? It is only 54 words long: “Amends California Constitution to require the state and its school districts to ’provide a high-quality public education to all public school students,’ the requirements of which are not defined and will depend on how the measure is implemented by the Legislature, state agencies, and public schools (including charter schools), and interpreted by court decisions.” 

Those of who remember Kaa, the sly and sinister snake in Walt Disney’s animated “Jungle Book,” might also remember the words to his song. “Trust in me, just in me. Shut your eyes and trust in me.”

Will you shut your eyes and be duped by our legislators and vote for it? I would bet there will be enough of you who do, and it will pass! And another power grab will be complete!

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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