Thomas Oatway | A Couple of Ugly Choices

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Ron DeSantis announced his entry into the presidential run for 2024 with a Twitter disaster masterminded by Elon Musk. I guess Musk is intent upon doing for DeSantis what he did for Twitter: Blow it up. This misstep by DeSantis should not have been a surprise.

A high school friend who lives in Tallahassee, Florida, once told me that DeSantis is a Harvard grad, and thus must be very intelligent. I asked him about the woman DeSantis fired because she was producing accurate information about COVID statistics in Florida. I also asked him what he thought about the new Florida surgeon general that DeSantis had just hired, Joseph Ladapo. Ladapo was one of the white-coated medical malpractice crew who announced that COVID vaccinations were dangerous and recommended alternative treatments like hydroxychloride. UCLA was happy to rid themselves of this wacko, but DeSantis was anxious to give him a job in his cabinet.

Florida’s health department is in the news again for failing to provide COVID infection data to the Centers for Disease Control on a timely basis. DeSantis is positioning himself as an anti-vaxxer to endear himself to the MAGA Republicans who believe that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective. Even Trump would be better able to handle the next pandemic. 

Republican voters are going to have a couple of ugly choices in the primary if Trump and DeSantis are the only candidates who have a chance to win the nod. It may be a tough choice to pick between DeSantis and an orange jumpsuit-wearing Trump.

Thomas Oatway


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