Max Morgan | Truth Serum for Joe Biden?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Never one to miss a weekly opportunity in The Signal (can you say obsession?) to call out Donald Trump or MAGA Republicans, Thomas Oatway (letters, Aug. 4) suggests that truth serum might be ”uncomfortable” for MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump. Predictably, Mr. Oatway fails to mention that same truth serum would probably prove fatal to the standard bearer of his party, Joe Biden. 

In his career Joe Biden has told us that he graduated in the top half of his law school class. In fact, he was 76th in a class of 88. He also told us that he graduated with three undergraduate degrees. Also not true. 

On the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, candidate Joe Biden told voters that his ancestors were coal miners in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They weren’t.

One of Biden’s biggest whoppers was his claim to have been arrested in the 1970s for visiting Nelson Mandela in prison. The meeting never happened. With that same theme and always one to try to capitalize on race, Joe Biden has frequently told us that he was an early civil rights activist and marcher. Also not true.

As a congressman, Joe Biden claimed to have co-authored the Endangered Species Act. He didn’t.

More recently Joe Biden has denied, both on the campaign trail as well as in office, that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings with China, Ukraine, or Russia. We have since learned that he was on speakerphone during Hunter’s business dealings no less than 20 times. Smelling blood in the water, Biden’s own press secretary has changed the narrative that, although Joe Biden may have had “knowledge” of Hunter’s business dealings, he did not personally “profit” from any of them. 

That may well prove to be the biggest lie of all.

Max Morgan


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