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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing in support and encouraging the William S. Hart Union High School District board to retain the name Indians in an effort to preserve Hart High School’s history. 

The term Indian is very generic and is what we Natives were called when we came to this area. Later the word American Indians was adopted and is now how we identify ourselves. History and traditions are extremely important to keep us relative in history. Sadly, many of these school board members are participating in this cultural genocide by eradicating the only thing that keeps us in the forefront of history. 

As an American Indian I can’t express how important it is preserving our culture for the future of our children. In fact, William S. Hart had a great relationship with the American Indian Standing Bear. He even went on to make a movie as well and learn the ways of the American Indian. 

I believe that it is your duty as a board of education to uphold that legacy your founder worked so hard to maintain with the American Indians. Any attempt to remove the term Indians will be a spit in the face and a disregard to the school’s traditions and community members who reside in this county. Let’s look for ways to strengthen our understanding of culture and embrace traditions. I also encourage the community to continue the fight and thank you for continuing William Hart’s legacy and respect for the Native American culture. And as always, go Indians. 

Nicholas Willis


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