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Letters to the Editor
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I don’t know Dr. Gene Dorio personally, but I do enjoy reading his letters. He is a practicing physician with decades of experience in his profession, but in his letter “The Slowing of Technology” (Aug. 17), he tossed in a zinger of a statement that crossed my eyes. 

Dr. Dorio wrote, “It comes down to the public recognizing greed inherent in society and the nature of human beings, and then doing something about it … Therefore we must ensure every effort is made to put greed on the shelf.” 


Dr. Dorio, your diagnosis of the disease called “greed” is pretty spot-on, but you are woefully vague on the proposed treatment and prognosis of this condition. 

Would you please be a bit more specific as to what you meant by “doing something about it”? Did you mean we invent a machine that increases the rate of human evolution like in the original “The Outer Limits” episode, “The Sixth Finger” (1963), where the test subject is made to evolve beyond greed, anger and hate, but sacrifices ALL of his emotions in the process? 

I’m at the edge of my seat and you have my full attention.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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