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By Dana Jackson 

Q Is the new “Equalizer” movie related in any way to the past and present TV series “The Equalizer”? Will Denzel Washington ever appear on the series? 

— K.S. 

A The original version of “The Equalizer,” a TV series starring Edward Woodward that ran from 1985-1989, is about a retired intelligence agent turned private detective who takes the law into his own hands. In 2021, CBS came up with a reboot featuring Queen Latifah as the headliner. Both characters have the last name McCall. 

In 2014, the big-screen version of “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington premiered. He, too, plays a McCall, but reportedly none of these characters with the same surname are related. “The Equalizer 3,” starring Washington and Dakota Fanning, is currently in theaters. 

Andrew Marlowe, creator of CBS’s current series “The Equalizer,” says that there are no plans for these two franchises to merge, even for a special episode. Marlowe told Distractify.com, “For us, it really is about building this show and identity around Robyn McCall and being very specific to a show where Queen is really embodying the heart of it.” 

Q Will there be another season of “The Crown” anytime soon? I wonder if they plan to continue it through to the current day when Charles becomes king? 

— L.L. 

A Peter Morgan, creator of the critically acclaimed Netflix series “The Crown,” previously stated that the show would end after five seasons. However, NetflixUK recently released a tweet confirming that the series will be back for one final season this fall, but the story is not expected to end at the present day when Prince Charles becomes king. 

We do know that the storyline will make it to at least 2005, when Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wed. It’s also been confirmed that it will touch on the tragic death of Princess Diana (played by Elizabeth Debicki), but there won’t be a scene featuring the actual impact of the crash that killed her. A Netflix source confirmed to IndieWire that the scenes surrounding the princess’ death were filmed with “enormous sensitivity” and have been “delicately and thoughtfully” filmed. 

According to Parade, Morgan does not plan to delve into the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exodus from the royal family or the subsequent fallout from Harry’s memoir. He emphasized that featuring the two would “seem almost redundant since the couple are constantly in the press.” 

Q Is it true that Woody Allen has another movie coming out? Are any of his past stars in it? 

— L.J. 

A Controversial film director Woody Allen recently premiered his newest project “Coup de Chance” at the Venice Film Festival. His 50th film received a five-minute standing ovation by the audience at the festival, a positive response that is said to have shocked Allen. 

The movie, a dramatic French language thriller, will be released in France on Sept. 27, but a U.S. premiere has yet to be announced. 

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