Dean Haynes | Reminiscing About SCV Leftists

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Yeah, I sure do miss the back and forth with leftist Democrats from the Santa Clarita Valley. All the warnings about how Donald Trump was such a threat to democracy, while Joe Biden uses the FBI and Department of Justice in the process that just about every dictator has used to grab power. 

Indicting your political opponent is nothing new, except in our country. We used to have a separation of the three branches, and checks and balances to keep it that way. But now the Democrat party is prosecuting their main and most popular opponent and saying it’s to preserve our government, to protect democracy. 

And those who are the biggest threat are never asked to explain why Trump, with four years in politics, is more of a threat than Joe Biden. Or how he did a better job as president than a guy with 40 years in government. No one ever asks Democrats why career politicians from both parties are afraid of Trump to the point they have teamed up with the mainstream news media to destroy the guy. The columnists who write “Democrat Voices,” one of whom lists his status as a security company owner and private investigations company owner, still can’t seem to find a clue even with the news finally starting to cover the connections between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe Biden, yet will write a column telling you Trump is guilty of whatever he is charged with.

Some of the commenters should see if they can recall when President Trump had the FBI investigate the Clintons. Or when Trump used the CIA and FBI to spy on his political opponents.

Are those liberals still willing to follow the science and continue getting every vaccine they tell you will protect you from COVID? Even after the release of the Twitter messages showing our government had them censor information that disputed their narrative on COVID? Speaking of Twitter, is the FBI investigating Elon Musk because he released files and messages that prove big tech and the FBI colluded to censor info that may have affected the election? I remember when real reporters and journalists would be all over such a story …

Dean Haynes

Former Santa Clarita Valley resident

Cedar City, Utah 

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