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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

And once again, our resident “Democrat Excuses” columnist Jonathan Kraut omits more clues he evidently doesn’t want you to know. For instance, pharma companies in 2020 donated almost $6 million to the Joe Biden campaign, as opposed to $1.5 million to the Donald Trump campaign. Yet Biden will talk about the high cost of insulin like someone just told him the price. After 47 years in government, voting on these bills and listening to constituents, he finally became aware of what insulin costs? How long will Democrats cover for the most corrupt, inept president in our history?

The Democrat party and the major media that covers for them will tell you Trump is the biggest threat to democracy, yet will never say why he scares them so. 

Look at the coordinated prosecution of Trump by the Biden FBI and Department of Justice. Even ardent Democrats like Alan Dershowitz, who backed Hillary Clinton, are shocked at such third-world, banana republic behavior. He and others point out that prosecuting your political opponent is the first thing dictators usually do when grabbing power. And Dershowitz said that he and Al Gore, whom he represented in contesting the 2000 election results, spoke more harshly about those election issues than Trump did regarding 2020, but they were not prosecuted or questioned. Every case brought against Trump will no doubt be overturned, but that’s not what the Democrats are concerned about. They want him out of the race. They fear Trump as an outsider, as many career politicians do, but rather than ask why so many are afraid of an outsider to the point they will do whatever it takes to destroy him, they parrot Democrat talking points and refuse to question the source. 

Trump didn’t work with social media to censor news, the Biden administration did. Why does Biden continue to send billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine, to defend their borders from Russia, while opening ours to anyone who is willing to walk across? Why does Alejandro Mayorkas still have his job as head of the Department of Homeland Security? How come the only person punished for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was a Marine officer who wasn’t even involved, but demanded to know who was in charge?

Our great country is collapsing under Democrat corruption and inept Republican politicians, and an equally inept media, which should be the watchdog for the people, but fails to report the truth.

Trump is not perfect, but he’s not the threat those in control now want you to believe he is.

Dean Haynes

Former Santa Clarita Valley resident

Cedar City, Utah

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