Rob Kerchner | A Contrast in Scandals

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Note the contrast between the “Russia!” corruption scandal involving Donald Trump versus the “Ukraine!” corruption scandal involving Joe Biden. 

In the first situation, you have a dossier sourced to a political campaign passed along to the FBI through partisan backchannels during an election. 

In the second situation, you have an official FD-1023 (form) produced by a highly credible confidential human source whom the FBI had used in multiple investigations for over a decade.

Yet, it’s the former that received years of unquestioned attention while the latter was immediately dismissed as “unverified.” 

The former launched a gigantic bureaucratic investigation, complete with FISA court spy wiretaps, a special counsel, and even Department of Justice violation of attorney-client privilege. 

The latter was never investigated. Instead it was buried … by the bureaucrats themselves.

And the kicker? 

They impeached Trump for asking about the latter, and then they censored the story online so that the criminal would be elected their new boss.

Rob Kerchner 


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