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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

One senator, Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, has held up 180 military promotions (as of this writing) as a protest against military policy supporting reproductive rights for women in the service. He also is on record as saying that white nationalism is not a problem — these are just Americans who happen to be caucasian. There is seriously something wrong with our Congress if these kinds of people are able to wield power over our democratic institutions. 

We have the spectre of two conservative Supreme Court justices who have benefited from lavish paid vacations and gifts from billionaire benefactors with business before the court. There are no gift reporting requirements or rules for disqualifying oneself from cases with a conflict of interest. Justice Clarence Thomas even voted on a case that involved communications between his wife and the White House.

Donald Trump is running for president again. He is clearly a threat to national security, as evidenced by his mishandling of classified documents. He presided over a failed government response to a pandemic that killed more Americans than World Wars I and II combined. He is threatening to use the instruments of government to take revenge on his perceived enemies. Could we survive another four years of Donald Trump in the White House?

What has happened to the rule of law in the United States of America? We are looking like a banana republic. 

It is tempting to blame the disarray on the former president, but he is only a symptom of what is wrong with this nation. It is time for good people to stand up and say ENOUGH!

Thomas Oatway


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