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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton says America needs to return to accountability, but for whom? As the weaponized Department of Justice and FBI file bogus charges against the top political opponent of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and those former “intelligence officials” who lied about his laptop walk free. The FBI and DOJ manipulated the social media to suppress info that could have affected the 2020 election. The sweetheart deal the DOJ tried to give Hunter Biden fell through when an honest judge called foul. The Biden-led Afghanistan withdrawal happened over two years ago, costing 13 brave Americans their lives and leaving billions in top-notch weaponry behind for the Taliban. So far only a Marine Corps colonel who wasn’t even involved has suffered consequences because he dared to call for accountability for such a disastrous decision.

Jonathan Kraut still hasn’t realized Joe Biden was put into office three years ago, and can’t seem to write a column without blaming Trump for something. Now Kraut claims Trump weakened NATO. Trump called out the European nations that make up NATO to pay their fair share. That weakened them? He offers as much proof as he does when he says Trump is a threat to our democracy while the Biden DOJ continues to go after Biden’s likely political opponent, which is the biggest threat to our government yet.

It will be interesting to see how much longer Kraut and Horton can ignore the evidence of the Biden crime family as more of their dealings are exposed. Maybe as an experienced investigator Kraut sees nothing unusual about 28,000 emails between the president, Hunter Biden and Hunter’s business associates. After all, Joe Biden said numerous times that he knows nothing about his son’s business dealings.

Also, the letter to the editor from Thomas Oatway about truthfulness was comedy gold. He rants about a lack of truthfulness then repeats the age-old lie about Trump telling 30,000 lies during his term in office. Maybe he can get together with Lois Eisenberg and tell us where those lies were tallied. He can’t seem to count the number of lies we hear from Biden on an almost daily basis.

We are all suffering under the most corrupt and incompetent presidency in our history, aided by a corrupt mainstream media that has perfected the art of propaganda.

Dean Haynes

Cedar City, Utah

Former Santa Clarita resident

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