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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was watching a Medal of Honor presentation the other day, and before the end of the event, Joe Biden took on a thousand-yard stare and walked out, totally oblivious of the rest of the crowd.

We are daily living in a dangerous world that is becoming more dangerous every day. The man in the White House who is supposed to be guiding us through these perils is clueless.

Since he has taken office, we have had a Ukraine war start, which would not have happened had Donald Trump been in office. We have had the Afghanistan debacle, which stands alone in history as the damnedest thing anyone has ever seen. We left $40 billion of our gear there and made no attempt to salvage any of it.

Hamas has become emboldened, and Israel has suffered an intelligence failure second to none. Our country shares in that failure as well. If we were doing our job as an able ally should, this would have been spotted, and Hamas would still be plotting.

Able, skilled leadership is hard to find, but when we find it, it should not be driven out by those less skilled and with an agenda that threatens our country. We no longer have our petroleum reserve, which is a danger to us if our enemies decide to cut off our oil. We were energy-independent, and now we must go hat in hand for adequate energy.

A city should not have harmful pollution that can be life-threatening. But, we should not throw the baby out with the bath water as we have done in California. Our governor wants to be the shining light in the world, but I’m afraid that the rest of our world has other priorities and can’t afford to go stark-raving mad on the subject. 

Trump has many critics. Some don’t like his personality, but most fear he will take away their agenda. A strong leader who will take thoughtful action is a balancing point for the rest of the world. Our enemies, of which there are a few, did not know what Trump would do in any given situation and it made them think twice about any actions that they planned. We need to return to that situation again as soon as possible. Our country depends on it.

Jim Horton


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