Mary Haugen | Opposed to ‘Forced Outing’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter addressed to the William S. Hart Union High School District governing board:

I am against the forced outing policy that you will be considering on Nov. 15. 

Coming out should be a private matter between a parent and child when the time is right for them. Someone else cannot determine when that time is. A child may be fearful of their parents’ reaction, physical harm, being thrown out of the house or being disowned. The parents may be experiencing health, financial or any number of other issues so the time may not be right to add more stress to the home. The child knows their own situation better than anyone else.

I have a LGBTQ+ child who went through the Hart district schools for six years and received very little support from the adults on campus during that time. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted a staff member to intervene and out him.

I worked for the Hart district for 23 years and know some of the challenges the LGBTQ+ students are subjected to. I was there if they needed to talk. That should be the role of the staff, not betraying them. If the forced outing policy passes, some students will be fearful that this personal decision has been decided for them by others.

Please consider the harm this act may cause. Thank you.

Mary Haugen

Santa Clarita

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