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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Kudos to the Biden administration for establishing an interagency group to combat Islamophobia, headed by our astute and perceptive Vice President Kamala Harris.

It is past due that these thousands of skull-cap-and-prayer-shawl-wearing Orthodox Jews be investigated for organizing vicious, anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian and anti-Hamas rallies in cities and college campuses throughout the country. How dare these agitators destroy property, disrupt civilian and college life, insult Muslim and pro-Hamas students, all while chanting disgraceful and hurtful chants such as, “From the river to the sea, kill all Muslims, Palestinians, and Hamas.” Can you imagine anyone trying to destroy the peace-loving, gentle souls who comprise Hamas? Does this not make you cry out for justice against these maniacal Jews? Have we been duped into believing, “Judaism is the religion of peace”?

Further insulting the great American spirit, these Jewish hooligans and fanatics gathered in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Nov. 14, some 300.000 strong. Did you not see them burning American and Palestinian flags, verbally insulting and physically attacking those habitually peaceful, non-violent Hamas advocates, who were easily identifiable by their chanting, “We love Israel”? Contrast these Jewish acts of violence with the “peaceful” pro-Hamas rally in front of the Democratic National Headquarters on Wednesday, Nov. 15.  Other than for six police officers treated for minor injuries, one protester arrested for assaulting a police officer, the evacuation of Democratic lawmakers to the basement of the building, and evacuation of some Democratic lawmakers in police vehicles, the protest was “entirely peaceful,” virtually identical to the pro-Hamas rally in Washington on Saturday, Nov. 4, in which fake blood was splashed on the White House gates and patriotic statues in the nation’s capital were desecrated by graffiti.

No doubt we can expect the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate and indict this anti-American, Muslim- and Hamas-hating Jewish throng with the same vigor as these two stellar agencies cracked down on the Jan. 6 rioters. With all this mayhem, expect any day for the Biden administration to declare Islamophobia as America’s major existential threat, displacing climate change.

Steven H. Baron


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