Michael Molacek | No Compromise on Terrorism

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was very disappointed in the College of the Canyons board not supporting Steve Petzold’s suggestion on the resolution supporting Israel.

The terrorist group Hamas has repeatedly stated the genocide of Israel is their goal. Every peace proposal that has been offered by previous American presidents as well as Jewish prime ministers has been rejected by the Arab parties involved. Their goal is eliminating the Jews completely. They will never agree to a two-state solution. It has been stated repeatedly. We here in America are also under their plans for destruction.

My warning to educational institutions is teach the truth about the goals of Hamas and other terrorist groups. And support our only ally in the Middle East, Israel.

 Since our southern boarder is wide open, we can expect bad things to happen here. How many bad actors have crossed our border? No one knows. It’s just a matter of time before they act. Major media won’t investigate or tell the truth about our open border. Much like they won’t investigate or tell the truth about Biden family corruption.

Let’s not forget that Americans have been killed and taken hostage by Hamas. Support for Israel is a must. Compromise with terrorism is never a solution.

 Michael Molacek

 Santa Clarita

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