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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Ron Perry’s letter, “Respecting One’s Beliefs,” Jan. 10:

In 1858 at Lourdes, France, Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to a 14-year-old girl Bernadette Soubirous. She told Bernadette to dig in the dirt and water appeared and became a spring, which is flowing today. Millions of people have touched the water and thousands have had their medical conditions healed. Hundreds of world-renowned and non-Catholic doctors have examined these cures and could fine no medical reason why they occurred.

Just one of these cures happen to Sister Bernadette Moriau who suffered for 42 years from cauda equina syndrome, nerve damage to her back, which caused serve pain. She had four unsuccessful operations, wore a brace, took morphine and spent most of her time in bed. Three days after receiving the water and returning from Lourdes, she had no pain. She removed her brace and walked 3 miles in the forest. This could never happen without a miracle from God.

This cure was reported on “60 Minutes.”

Without a medical reason why these cures occurred, there is only one answer. They occurred through the love and mercy of God.

Bob Plassmeyer


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