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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Santa Clarita City Council meeting, Jan. 9. 

Just one of the many things that will bring the title of this letter to mind these days: It was when we were asked to stand, put our hands over our hearts and say “The Pledge of Allegiance.” Four young girls stood out among those who refused to stand or put their hands over their hearts. They were pretty obnoxious.  

When it came time for awards, all four of them took to the stage. Unbelieveable! 

At this same City Council meeting, due to the sudden death of Commissioner Don Cruikshank of the Parks and Recreation Commission, there was a vacancy to be filled. By the way, everyone I spoke to had nothing but high regard for Don Cruikshank. Mayor Pro Tem Bill Miranda had nominated Commissioner Cruikshank’s son, Rob Cruikshank, to be appointed to his seat for the remainder of his term ending in December 2026. That’s two years, not just a few months. Turned out they had put out a notice about the opening and got one other applicant, Di Thompson. 

There were speakers making excellent points as to why filling this position should be put on hold for another month to allow it to be posted, once again since the original posting was during the biggest holiday month of the year and City Hall was pretty much deserted. Of course, true to form, the council ignored the speakers and, with not a single word of discussion, voted Rob Cruikshank in to office. 

There was a question as to whether he lives out of boundary for this position as the address he gave as his “residence” is his father’s address. It appears his actual residence is out of the (city). In fact, there was a post on Facebook on Dec. 28 by his wife, saying that they needed to rehome a pup because she is sweet but ranch life is too much for her, etc. I guess it’s possible that Rob Cruikshank refers to his father’s home as a ranch? 

Also, nothing was put out to the public as to what qualifies each of the two applicants for this coveted position. 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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