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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A rebuttal to Gary Horton column, “Full Speed To Port,” Jan. 3: 

Mr. Horton’s blatant untruths about President Donald Trump seem to be the main focus of a great number of his opinions.

By the way, interesting “facts.” Just today, Jan. 3, I was at a very busy and very popular store purchasing some organic products. When I got to the register, the young girl checking us out smiled a huge smile and told me, “I love your hat! He will be my first time voting for president!” I was happy to hear this. Then, I realized a lot of men and women were giving me thumbs-up signs on my way to the car. I have been wearing the hat now and then and always have lots of smiles and very few negative reactions. I made up my mind that I am going to wear it a lot more in 2024.

I then went to a local store to purchase a birthday card for my great-granddaughter. A woman was in line bragging on the phone to what appeared to be a friend about the fact that she will finally be able to vote for president after all these years as she is now a legal citizen of the United States. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled hugely, saw my hat, and told me she is voting for him. I have had the hat since the end of 2019. It’s pink camouflage with “I’m A Trump Girl — Live With It!” embroidered on it! 

To put an end to this rebuttal: Gary Horton spoke highly of a picture (he and his wife) own as follows: “Carrie and I own a beautiful painting called, ‘Am I who I think I am.’ This is a uniquely detailed painting of a late 1950s woman, looking like a perfect housewife, dressed to the nines, with everything in perfect order, as she stares hauntingly at the mirror apparently waiting for something pivotal to happen. Her expression is concerning and uncertain. She’s uncertain about whether her husband loves her. Uncertain about her appearance. Uncertain about whether she is happy in the gilded cage in which she exists.”

Gary, are you, by any chance, a member of the Freemasons? 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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