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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is going to be so satisfying in its rebuttal to Rob Kerchner’s letter, “A Sharp Contrast,” dated Jan. 5, my birthday.

There is a “sharp contrast.” Really, how amazing is that? 

One “sharp contrast” is that President Joe Biden is a gentleman, whereas Donald Trump is not. Another “sharp contrast” is that President Biden isn’t being prosecuted or facing 91 indictments or in the throes of at least nine court suits.

When President Biden, yes President Biden, took over from Trump, there was a raging pandemic, economic crisis, climate crisis and “radical injustice,” just to mention a few of the negatives that Trump left on his agenda. I will be naming a few of President Biden’s accomplishments in a rebuttal to Kershner’s letter. The following list is drawn from www.whitehouse.gov, www.newsweek.com, www.pbs.org and www.nbcnews.com.

1) More people are working than at any time in American history.

2) Rescued the economy and changed the course of the pandemic.

3) Rebuilding the infrastructure 

4) Historic expansion of benefits and services for toxic-exposed veterans.

5) The first meaningful gun violence reduction legislation in 30 years.

6) Protected marriage for LGBTQ and interracial couples.

7) Confirmation of first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

8) Rallied the world to support Ukraine in response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression. 

9) Strengthened alliances and partnerships to deliver for the American people.

10) Successful counterterroism mission against the leaders of Al Qaeda and Isis.

11) Executive orders protecting reproductive rights. 

12) Historic student debt relief for middle and working class families.

13) Advancing equity and racial justice, including historical criminal justice reform.

14) Delivering the most aggressive climate and environmental justice agenda in American history.

15) More people with health care than ever before.

16) Millions of Americans are saving $800 per year on health insurance coverage.

17) Two strongest years of job growth in American history.

18) Increased the maximum value of Pell Grants by $900.

19) A 3.5% unemployment rate, the lowest in 50 years.

20) A $15 minimum wage for federal workers and contractors.

21) Approximately 750,000 new manufacturing jobs.

22) Near-record-low unemployment rate for Hispanics, African Americans and people with disabilities.

23) Over 1.6 million households receiving lower cost of free high-speed internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

 24) Etc.

I would like to thank the right-wing political party for conceiving “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“Let’s Go Brandon” was actually coded to stand for “F— Joe Biden.”

Now “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a “triumphant anthem” for the Biden campaign.

The “Dark Brandon” slogan was also conceived by the right-wing political party — it was so swift to take hold that it became so popular, positive and decisive that it gave the internet the ability to reclaim and salvage what once was lost. 

In praise of “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Dark Brandon.”

Lois Eisenberg


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