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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently Thomas Oatway submitted his weekly screed on his irrational fear of President Donald Trump being reelected. In his (Jan. 27) letter he seems to acknowledge that certain demographics that were/are traditionally Democrat voters aren’t feeling the love as much this time around. In the case of one demographic, he even said: “Hispanics, who should be (Joe) Biden’s most loyal supporters, are confused.”

He seems to think Hispanics should be grateful for the 8-10 million illegals that have been allowed into our country or that rising prices are really a good thing. How condescending to think that these two issues, among many, might sour certain voters on the greatness of Biden. That if you don’t agree with Oatway and the disastrous Democrat way of governing, surely you must be confused!

During the last election, speaking to a Black audience, Biden said, “If you vote for Trump, you ain’t Black.” The Democrat party takes for granted and uses these constituencies to advance their horrible policies, but if there is a change in opinion, even a slight one, the masks come off and “you ain’t Black” or you’re confused. 

I urge all people, not just Hispanics or Blacks or any group, to punish them at the ballot box in 10 months. They clearly don’t think much of you anyway so what do you have to lose? We could always go back to having a secure border, sound economic policies, energy independence, and the knowledge throughout the world that Donald Trump is not someone to be trifled with.  

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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