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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In my opinion, George Gascón meets none of the criteria as to job description for district attorney in any dictionary found on the internet or here, in my home. The National District Attorneys Association has a lengthy description. Here are a couple of paragraphs: 

“The role of the prosecutor (district attorney) is crucial to maintaining public safety and deterring future criminal behavior. By prosecuting criminals, they help ensure that justice is served, which in turn promotes a sense of security within the community … 

“The work of prosecutors also has a significant impact on the lives of victims and their families. By working to secure a conviction in criminal cases, prosecutors help provide closure and a sense of justice to victims of crime. They also work to ensure that victims’ rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process, including their right to be heard and informed of important developments in the case.” 

George Gascón meets none of this criteria. He, clearly, advocates for the criminal and against the victims. Just check him out for yourselves. 

Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami was the first to go against George Gascón’s turning the table on victims and their families. Hatami was the only one, at the time, willing to put his job on the line to fight Gascón’s blatantly turning his back on victims and their families in favor of protecting the criminals that law enforcement put their lives in danger on a daily basis to find and arrest. And then, after making the arrest had to witness hand gestures as the criminals walked out of jail as the officer was still filling out paperwork. 

Over 16 Los Angeles County prosecutors are suing Gascón for retaliation or defamation. Included among these prosecutors are Deputy District Attorney Maria Ramirez and prosecutor John McKinney. So many others, not included in the lawsuit, have reached out to Jonathan Hatami and urged him to, please, keep up the fight to recall Gascón.  

Jonathan Hatami supports law enforcement, men, women, child victims of crimes, citizens who try to stop a crime from being successful. He also is very strong on a fair trial for the accused and sentences that fit the crimes. 

George Gascón only supports the criminals. His actions prove it. 

Gascón be gone. Hatami is the most qualified of a few good choices. 

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita

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