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Letters to the Editor
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The failure of House Republicans to approve military and financial support for Ukraine puts their democracy at great risk. But that is not the democracy that is at most risk. The greater threat is to our own constitutional republic.

For weeks the MAGA Republicans have been in heated furor over the migrant invasion at our southern border. Then a bipartisan group of senators negotiated a stopgap measure to shore up the border control, tighten the amnesty application process, and limit the time before final determination of status. Any asylum applicant who is rejected will be immediately returned to their home country. This sounds like much-needed legislative progress.

Then the Orange One sensed the loss of an important campaign issue. House Republicans immediately declared the bill “dead on arrival.” So, the crisis at the border was not that important after all? What about the thousands who are dying by fentanyl poisoning? Wasn’t there this threat from terrorists passing unchecked into the U.S.? Sounds ironic to me that the immigration hawks are turning into chickens.

Thomas Oatway


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