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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently, I have had a hip problem and walk with a cane. When I go shopping, to the post office, and even to the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center, people open the door or allow me to go in first. 

What a great, caring community we live in! 

The nation is politically divided, yet kindness, politeness, and goodness still exist among Santa Claritans. 

Recognition of the plight of veterans, assurance of great teachers and schools for our children, and ensuring that older adults have healthy meals have brought us together.

I want to make a suggestion that might enhance camaraderie in Santa Clarita: Community gardens.

We already have one well-known and organized community garden in Central Park. But look around at new housing developments throughout our valley, and you will see apartments and residential homes with very little land to cultivate a garden plot.

Community gardens would be a great learning experience for our children and families — growing one’s own food and getting one’s hands dirty! Plus, anything not consumed by the family can be donated to those in need at the SCV Food Pantry or Senior Center.

Finding nearby plots may be easier than you think.  

For example, several acres of land originally given to the YMCA adjacent to the SCV Bella Vida Senior Center might be utilized for a garden. 

Plus, there are many potential possibilities throughout the valley. Some businesses might even contribute surrounding land to this effort.

Of course, this sounds simple, but logistics like equipment, storage, rules and regulations, fencing and insurance will be considerations. 

Fortunately, a model already exists at Central Park, and other communities around the country have “cultivated” land for community garden use projects.

This could be a Girl Scout or Boy Scout merit badge undertaking, church deed, volunteer group effort, or high school student body activity. 

Getting our hands dirty together will only enhance and benefit Santa Clarita. 

Dr. Gene Dorio


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