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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing to express my utter outrage at the Santa Clarita City Council’s complete negligence and lack of action regarding the hazardous speed bumps installed on Abelia Road. As a longtime Canyon Country resident, I speak for many neighbors fed up with the danger posed by our sole access road being obstructed for years as reasonable demands go ignored.

I have participated in multiple meetings where I presented detailed explanations about how the speed bumps in our neighborhood are creating safety risks, causing delays in emergency response times, and restricting the movement of residents. Despite our efforts, the council members have shown a dismissive and condescending attitude toward our concerns, indicating they are not willing to prioritize our safety.

During private conversations, one of the council members showed complete apathy, while the other only nodded along without committing to any meaningful action. It’s frustrating when our elected representatives avoid taking responsibility for extended periods. We don’t know where to turn when our petitions remain unanswered, and the problem continues to linger, causing harm to our community.

I am deeply disappointed to see such indifference and inaction from the leaders we have trusted to represent us. As someone who survived the devastating Tick Fire that ravaged Canyon Country, I know firsthand the danger posed by obstructed evacuation routes. Despite this, the council seems to be dragging its feet and failing to prioritize our safety. This proves that they do not have our best interests at heart.

Let us not forget how the city manager manipulated his employment terms to require an impossible 4/5 vote of council members to remove him. This blatantly self-serving move was rubber-stamped by the council and all but guaranteed no accountability or action on issues affecting residents. We are trapped in every sense, with no recourse.

I applaud the lone reasonable voice on the council who has voiced support for our cause, only to be drowned out by self-interested colleagues. But talk is cheap — it will take new leaders and real action to tear down the barriers imposed on Canyon Country for far too long. I urge voters to make their voices heard loud and clear at the polls. The speed bumps trapping us must go, and we must elect representatives willing to make that happen. 

The excuses end today. Abelia Road in Canyon Country must be made safe again. Together, our community can overcome these obstacles and enact the change we deserve. The time is now!

Glenda Yakel

Canyon Country

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