Neil Fitzgerald | Where Is the Compassion from the Left?

Neil Fitzgerald

I make no apologies that for yet another article, I am writing about the chaos of our immigration system and how President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been woefully incompetent on this.

I cannot stress enough that, as an immigrant myself, I want to see a functioning and fair immigration system. As a Catholic Christian, I believe in helping others, especially those less fortunate, and I believe in being compassionate.

There is nothing compassionate about the chaos of our immigration system. In fact, what the Democrat White House has done is nothing short of evil. 

Their total lack of leadership is allowing innocent human beings being trafficked and sold into slavery. Modern day slavery is a disgusting, evil act that must be eradicated.

There is nothing compassionate about letting hordes of drugs come over our border, poisoning our young people and robbing them of their life chances, and there is nothing compassionate about letting in terrorist suspects who hate America, hate freedom, and hate democracy. 

When Democrats talk about protecting democracy they are the biggest hypocrites possible when they let in terror suspects, and they don’t believe in stopping illegal immigrants from voting.

The White House simply doesn’t care about you and me. 

They don’t care about America or American values. 

They don’t care about fixing the border because they’re terrified of upsetting their socialist base who are continuing to push them leftward. 

We can see in the primaries how state after state now for the Democrats has “undeclared voters.” These are hard-left socialists who are trying to drag the Democrats even further leftward and away from sensible, middle-of-the-road voters and citizens who have legitimate and fair concerns on immigration.

Take the city of Denver, for example. 

The hard left took over the city council and declared Denver to be a “sanctuary city.” 

What has happened? 

Thousands of migrants have made their way to Denver thinking they will benefit from the American Dream and instead they and the citizens of Denver have the Democrat Nightmare. 

The Denver Post reports that four migrant centers have had to close because the city has run out of money and is cutting services by $60 million. Where is the compassion in closing the very center migrants need to be safe? There are now children living in tents in northwest Denver. How is that compassionate?

How is it compassionate to close parks and cut hours at recreation centers to save $5 million because $180 million has been spent due to the hard left making Denver a sanctuary city? 

How is it compassionate to cut jobs and reduce some employees’ hours to zero to then pay for the increase in migrants?

And look at New York City. 

The Democrats running the city council are refusing to allow law enforcement to work with immigration authorities to more readily deport migrants who were suspected of serious crimes. 

Look at the case of Jose Ibarra. He murdered a nursing student in Georgia. Last year, he was arrested in New York City, charged for riding without a license and he wasn’t prosecuted or jailed. 

What happened? 

He went on to murder Laken Riley. He dragged her into a secluded area and killed her. Where is the compassion for a young woman who wanted to be a nurse and help others? 

What about her family and their grief? Do they not count? 

Why do the rights of an illegal immigrant criminal matter more than a young woman?

 There is a migrant in New York who has been arrested at least eight times in six months who is living at the Row NYC Hotel on Times Square, costing $500 a night. Some 1,300 rooms have been given over to migrants at taxpayers’ expense. 

Her latest crime was to snatch a woman’s cellphone on the No. 6 train and the judge granted supervised release, so she went back to her hotel and another meal paid for by taxpayers. 

Again, where is the compassion for the victim of the crime? 

Taxpayers in NYC are paying the bill for thieves to live in a tourist hotspot and be fed three times a day while the city refuses to help deport criminals.

This must stop. We must bring back the sensible immigration controls we saw under the Republican administration. 

We must reject left-wing ideology, which places innocent citizens at risk, and we must reform immigration to smash the criminal gangs importing innocent refugees. 

We must deport illegal immigrants and criminals and focus on helping genuine refugees escaping real persecution.

Independent, civic-minded voters must question whether they can afford to vote Democrat when they’re captured by their extreme socialist left wing or whether they should vote Republican for a stronger, safer, secured border.

Neil Fitzgerald is an international nonprofit leader having served in the U.S., U.K. and globally for various nonprofit and charity boards. He served as a conservative council member in the U.K. and as a campaign manager. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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