Rob Kerchner | A Mindless Nation Cheers

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Last year, my son-in-law graduated valedictorian of his police academy class, with a guaranteed job. Despite the physical danger, he was all-in. What caused him to walk away was the legal jeopardy and public disparagement. 

In some very related news, a now bankrupt and divorced Derek Chauvin was stabbed 22 times in prison, doing a 21-year stretch for the drug-related death of George Floyd — because Chauvin used an otherwise non-lethal hold that he was instructed to use. And a mindless nation cheered his sentence.

As a result of Floyd’s death, that same nation rioted for months on end in 2020, claiming it supported Black lives. Black Lives Matter led the nation to defund the cops, institute cashless bail, and let prisoners out of jail.

BLM richly persists, and the mindless nation still follows.

Rob Kerchner


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