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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following letter was written prior to the March 5 Primary Election. 

I would like to remind every voter of a few things.

1. Your tax dollars are paying for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. They get California CalFresh cards for food ($291 per month per person!); they mock our legal system, they have overloaded our medical insurance and facilities, and they overcrowd our schools. We need to close the border and enforce our existing immigration laws, while we make the necessary changes to make them better.

2. Don’t believe the adds on television about the need to support our veterans by voting for Proposition 1. We need to know where the $21.6 billion the state is getting every year from the special taxes on people who make over a million dollars a year (per Assembly member Alex Lee) is going.

3. Our present District Attorney George Gascón has got to be replaced with someone who will actually do their job! His job is to enforce the law! Yet we have more crime in our county (including the impeachment process) than in any time in the history of the county! How about we make a change and elect our very own Santa Clarita resident Jonathan Hatami? He will enforce our laws!

4. Have you heard how things are going with the high-speed train lately? Have you heard that the transportation department is predicting the first phase will be finished by 2033? And it could be 40 years before it is completed! Did you know we have already spent $9.8 billion so far? Do you know the first phase is 119 miles and the total project is 500 miles? Did you know they are predicting a total cost of $228 billion? Do you really think that will cover it? Not a chance! Did you know Nancy Pelosi is benefiting from the high-speed rail project? (Google The Washington Free Beacon.)

5. It is my hope that Democrats, Republicans and independents will all look at these issues, and so many more, and see how our country needs so badly to enforce the laws we have. And then let our elected officers know that they work for us and we want them to stop throwing away our tax money and spend it wisely to solve the problems we have in this country. We are losing the freedoms we have and our children and grandchildren will pay the price!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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