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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter to Superintendent Mike Kuhlman and board President Linda Storli of the William S. Hart Union High School District re: Hart High School mascot decision.

Attached is a copy of a letter that you sent to me on Feb. 20 with a copy to other board members. I bring your attention to the circled sentence, “This item will not be re-agendized unless a governing board member asks for it.” Presumably, you had consulted with Storli before issuing the letter.

At the meeting on March 13, Trustee Joe Messina requested that an item be placed on the agenda to reconsider the action taken on July 14, 2021, and review whether the actions taken by the district and site personnel complied with the directive approved that evening.

Mr. Messina’s request and Erin Wilson’s comment were rudely interrupted by Bob Jensen’s claim that discussing Messina’s request was a Brown Act violation, without asking for recognition to speak. Jensen’s interruption was followed quickly by Cherise Moore asking for an item not within the jurisdiction of the board. Jensen’s objection is highly questionable. To the best of my knowledge he is not an attorney specializing in the Brown Act.

Board Bylaw 9322 seems to leave the decision to the superintendent and board president with limited discretion pertaining to whether the item is within the jurisdiction of the board. Clearly it is within the jurisdiction.

The board has failed to follow its own bylaws and ignored its obligations to the public under Education Code 35145.5. 

Given the unfortunate circumstances, I demand that you cancel the new “mascot” reveal on March 19 until Messina’s request is honored to prevent irreparable harm to the stakeholders at Hart High and in the district.

Steve Petzold

Santa Clarita

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