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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joshua Heath finally submitted a rational, clear-headed column (Jan. 30) that did not read like a “romantic poem” as he alludes to when describing how Democrats are now trying to woo voters. His delivery had me all the way down to the last sentence, and that is where he went through the guard rails.

In his last sentence, Mr. Heath states, “That’s why it is key that we show how our side (liberal Democrats, I presume) is far better equipped to address these critical problems.”

Far better equipped at doing just what, Mr. Heath? You left that part out of your column, and it’s actually the most important part — what your side does and, more precisely, HOW it does it.

Here’s MY take on Mr. Heath’s omission: The other side, “them” as you would call it, produces goods and makes money selling those goods. Your side, on the other hand, takes a cut from the sale of those goods in the form of taxes and literally gives it to those who do not not make money producing and selling goods. Some would call it wealth redistribution. Still others would call it extortion, depending on the size of the cut (and where it’s going).

If you read The Signal’s opinion section (and this letter), Mr. Heath, please supply us with that omission in your next column. Please tell us HOW your side is “better equipped to address these critical problems,” without making it sound like a romantic poem. Give us your best sales pitch. If it’s good enough I just may start voting for Democrats.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita 

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