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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Preface: I urge as many as possible to start attending the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meetings either in person or via phone call.  

Re: the Board of Supervisors meeting on March 19, a summary of my public comment:

I was astonished at the last meeting, March 6, during and after the prayer, which came off, in my opinion, as a put-down of “men.” Last words included, “Men, please stand aside!” 

I was also astonished at the time spent on this board of women congratulating themselves on being the first all-woman board in Los Angeles County and getting re-elected, or selected, as an all-woman board, once again. 

Another of many shocks was the discussion about foster care kids being given $1,000 per month for five years after leaving foster care. Not a single word about how, in my opinion, corrupt the foster care system is and has been for some time. Note: I am sure there are a lot of foster care parents who are wonderful and love the children they care for as if they were their own. Unfortunately, greed appears to have raised its ugly head and we have many who, in my opinion, should not even have children of their own, let alone be gifted with a child to raise who is not their own by birth. 

Lastly: Dominion machines. Any machines that can be connected to the internet need to be abolished. Voter ID and proof of residence MUST be shown when voting. Paper ballots, one-day voting, same-day results, legal citizens only, must be 18. You know, the common-sense drill. 

Rep. Mike Garcia sure needs to revisit his introduction of H.R. 5189, the Voter Integrity and Defense Act. He forgot about getting rid of machines and so much more as stated above. HR 5189 would require voter ID plus it would be just fine to make a copy of your ID and enclose it with your mail-in ballot. Hard to believe he would think this would make residents applaud him. By the way, does anyone realize how much more it costs taxpayers to have ballots machine counted vs. hand counting or how much longer machine counting takes? Paper ballots and hand counting with same-day results is a fraction of what it costs taxpayers to have machines involved in any way. 

A portion of my comment to consent calendar item No. 25: 

How about we stop with all these “monthly” designations and just celebrate each and every day how many people showed kindness toward one another? That would be a huge majority of people of all ages, races, creeds, colors. You know why? Because most of us are not the least bit “guilty” of what you have succumbed to making huge topics about, due to, in my opinion, anti-Constitution groups like the government teachers’ unions, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and now, unfortunately, many of the NAACP groups. 

Audience and those who work anywhere here under these supervisors, do yourselves a favor. 

Go on NewCaliforniaState.com. Please attend one of the Sunday-Wednesday night Zooms. New California would become the 51st state of this great republic of the United States of America and “sister” state to the California we reside in now. So many of the problems, in my opinion, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his cronies have burdened us with will be dealt with in a positive way. 

California will benefit hugely, in my opinion, by following in New California’s footsteps. It can be done! Thank God our forefathers did not say, “Great idea! But, it can’t be done!” 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita 

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