Gerald Staack | A Bifurcated Union

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The state of the union is in crisis. It’s bifurcated into those of us who want our country back from the clutches of an aristocracy who rule us, and by those who say that a complete revolutionary breakdown of our government is necessary before this can happen.

We are also in the midst of a climate crisis. “But it’s more than that,” according to the author David Gessner’s new book, “A Traveler’s Guide to the End of the World.” “It isn’t hard to connect this to a crisis of government or to imagine how the two crises, working in concert, might work out. All you have to do is look backward.”

While our gambler rests up down in Mar-a-Lago, we await what comes next.

Gerald Staack

Former Santa Clarita resident 

Wilmington, North Carolina

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