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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is a very sad commentary on today’s Democrat party that their No. 1 issue in this presidential campaign is abortion. Here is a major political party, a once-great institution that was home to leaders such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and now it has sunk to such a disgraceful low. 

Democrats are obsessed with abortion. Democrat leaders in Congress have made it clear that you cannot be elected as a Democrat if you are pro-life. Vice president Kamala Harris has even staged a campaign event at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. 

It is appalling that the destruction of life in the womb is so crucial to their concept of political success. How much more productive it would be if they chose to concentrate their effort on life — on furthering family values and on programs that benefit children and parents.  

Of course, the truth is Democrats have nothing else to run on. The record of this administration on every issue that’s important to Americans is so abysmal, they have no accomplishments to point to. Their failures have done great damage to our economy and our society. We desperately need a complete change in Washington. We need to get away from the abortion culture.

Jim Blumel


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