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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In Lois Eisenberg’s latest rant (April 30), she complained about the “special” treatment President Donald Trump was receiving. Let us look at the definition of “special.” Special is defined as better, greater, or otherwise different than what is usual. For the purpose of this letter, we’ll use the “otherwise different than what is usual” part of the definition.

President Trump has or will face five court cases brought by deranged, leftist district attorneys or President Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice. That is indeed different than usual, given that President Trump is being criminally prosecuted simply for being the political enemy of the swamp.

However, let us look at other instances of special using the “better or greater” aspect of the definition.

President Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to settle claims of sexual abuse — she claimed rape — with no legal or political repercussions. Special indeed! (

President Barack Obama murdered four American citizens in a drone strike. Were they terrorists? Probably yes. Were they denied due process and eventually murdered without being convicted? Yes as well. Did President Obama experience any political or legal repercussions? No! Special indeed! (

President Joe Biden was caught with highly classified material in his unsecured garage going back to his days in the Senate. Was he convicted or even fined? He was not since the excuse was that he was elderly and had a poor memory. Special indeed! (

President Biden has also been caught in an influence-peddling scheme bringing the Bidens millions simply for being Biden. Has he faced any consequences? No! Special indeed. (

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was caught having classified documents on an unsecured, homemade computer server in her closet at home. Was she prosecuted or even fined? No! Special indeed. (

More recently, Rep. Jamal Bowman was caught pulling a fire alarm in Congress, delaying an official proceeding. Was he indicted for a felony as President Trump was for the same charge? No, he was not. But he was fined $1,000, so it seems pulling a fire alarm is more serious than murdering Americans or illegally having secret documents. Special indeed! (

Let’s not forget our esteemed vice president for getting special treatment. VP Kamala Harris was caught withholding exculpatory evidence as California attorney general. When caught, the convictions of 600 people were overturned. She fought the release of the damning information for years while potentially innocent men rotted in jail. Did she face any consequences? No, she was promoted, becoming the highest-ranking diversity hire in this country’s history. Special indeed! (

I could go on, and on, and on, but I think I’ve made my point. There are two systems of justice in this country. One if you’re a Democrat and one if you’re a Republican, especially if your last name is Trump. If you’re a Democrat you get special treatment that is better. If you’re President Trump you get special treatment that is otherwise different than what is usual. The delicious part is that even though President Trump is stuck in court, his lead in the polls continues. Naturally this won’t matter when/if the Democrats cheat again, but it should be a lesson. More Americans are wising up to the illegal and unethical lawfare that is happening and the Democrats deserve to be punished for the despicable and “special” actions toward President Trump.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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