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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following letter summarizes a statement made during public participation at the College of the Canyons board of trustees meeting on May 8. 

Regarding campus safety: If UCLA is or has been your role model for campus safety, please don’t make it your role model going forward. 

The anti Israel-pro Palestine(Gaza-Hamas) agitators at UCLA were acting in a way that should never be tolerated in the United States of America. It is blatantly obvious that the instigators of this protest encampment were paid to get the party going and keep fueling it with hatred. Not just verbal hatred, but physical assaults and taunting of the Jewish students on campus. Not just particular Jewish students but any Jewish students, whether they have ties to Israel or not. That this was tolerated for so long, actually at all after the first incident, says so much about the atmosphere of hatred that is being encouraged on most public campuses across our country. This is communism working its ugliness into fertile young minds. Most of the “children” being infused with this crap have no idea whatsoever what they are actually spouting off about. 

When I was at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday, May 7, and heard the put-down of our police force, I was appalled and wanted to go and fiercely defend our men and women in blue. The fact that speakers were there to beg for bail to be paid by taxpayers for those arrested was mind-boggling at best. For one thing, with George Gascón as district attorney and Gavin Newsom as governor, along with (Adam) Schiff and others, no way are any of them going to jail. 

As stated in Rick Perry’s Signal letter dated May 3: “If they are American students they need to be expelled and made to pay for the repairs and the police. If they are not students they need to face jail time and pay for repairs and police. If they are not Americans they need to be deported.” 

The majority of sheriff’s deputies and police in the Santa Clarita Valley deserve our utmost respect and appreciation for all they try to do in spite of Gascón’s restrictions on them. The sheriff’s deputies also need to look in to their “authority” under the Constitution of the United States and realize that they have a whole lot more clout than they may realize. They would all do well to join the New California State movement. It is rapidly becoming a reality. To do their jobs they need a great district attorney. I am sad that Jonathan Hatami did not, according to the machines counting them, receive the votes he should have received. 

Each and every student on this campus should be thanking any sheriff’s deputy or police officer they see. No way should a law enforcement officer be afraid to do his or her job for fear that their loved ones may be in danger if they do. 

We need to go back to making it more difficult to be in the police force. It would be great for each officer to know that the other actually has the skills to “have their backs” when in dangerous situations. 

I guess that’s a topic for our esteemed City Council to tackle. 

Diane Zimmerman


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