Rob Kerchner | A Cooked-Up Crisis

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The latest study from the New England Journal of Medicine shows no benefit at all from getting the COVID vaccine, in a cohort that is especially vulnerable to getting the virus. This comes on the heels of multiple studies showing that vaccinated patients contracted COVID at a substantially higher rate than those who chose not to get vaccinated, and that relationship gets stronger the more doses the person got. 

What a disaster this whole episode has been! Our government cooked up a virus, then lied to us about it, then overreacted to it with ridiculous rules and unconscionable spending, then illegally censored the truth, then forced us to take their experimental vaccine, which didn’t work as advertised at all, and in many ways made it even worse.  

Meanwhile masses of left-leaning fools said, “Thanks for keeping us safe!”

Rob Kerchner

Santa Clarita

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