Rob Kerchner | Still Falling for It

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s incredible when you think about it. Our sitting president has been described by his own Department of Justice as too senile to stand trial, for the same classified document crimes this same DOJ is, at the same time, eagerly prosecuting his own political opponent, during an election, in which he’s also running. 

The DOJ used to at least pretend to be evenhanded. 

And they used to at least pretend to avoid interfering in elections. Not anymore. 

And they’re not even the same crimes; unlike the man who was senator and vice president at the time, his opponent was president with full declassification authority. In other words, the whole thing is predicated upon ignoring the Constitution.

But you know what’s really crazy? That anyone still falls for any of it, or even pretends to.

Rob Kerchner 

Santa Clarita

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