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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It seems a little rich for Mr. Gary Horton to criticize Pastor David Hegg (letters, April 23) for assertedly telling us what to think and how to act, given that Mr. Horton tells us once a week, like clockwork, what to think, what to do, and how to view the events of the day, while our government just spent the past few years telling us that we had a societal duty to take a vaccine or else. A government that closed schools, businesses our governor unilaterally determined were unnecessary, and churches in violation of the First Amendment. 

Horton bases his criticism on the fact that Pastor Hegg bases his beliefs on the teachings of the Bible, while Horton bases his on his personal opinions. The teachings of the Bible are one of the principle foundations for Western civilization. Mr. Horton’s opinions are, well, just that, his personal opinions. Each of us is free to choose which we think is the better way to follow.

As for criticizing Joe Biden’s religion, it is Biden who has asserted that he is a faithful Catholic, and therefore bound to the doctrines of the Catholic church, one of which is that faithful Catholics comply with its doctrines. Pastor Hegg asserted that Biden was not a faithful Catholic. It is unarguable that he is not. The church forbids abortion. Biden encourages and funds it. The church believes God created us male and female. Biden believes the government has the right to support and encourage chemical castration of children, without parental consent, and surgically transitioning them from one sex to the other, which it does not achieve, as they are still genetically a male or female, but now unable to function as either. This is man playing God, and doing it poorly. 

It is Biden who declared Easter as the day to celebrate transgenderism and is redefining the term sex in Title 9 to include allowing people to compete in whichever category they wish so biological men can compete in female sports. Thus, Pastor Hegg was simply comparing Biden’s acts against the Catholic church’s requirement that the faithful comply with church doctrine. This is not a subjective analysis. It is an objective one. 

Pastor Hegg’s comments were essentially that the undisciplined pursuit of happiness is destructive. It is called hedonism. That it is destructive is also beyond question.

Stephen Maseda

Santa Clarita

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