Thomas Oatway | A Comical Take on Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I found it comical that Brian Richards (Letters, April 7) tried to label Donald Trump as a defender of the police. He says that “Trump has been a staunch supporter of the police his entire life.” That is, except for when his mob attacked the Capitol police on Jan. 6. Trump also has proposed to (control) the Department of Justice and the FBI, and use the military (on) protesters under the Insurrection Act. Too bad Trump failed to authorize the Insurrection Act when his mob attacked police on Jan. 6. By the way, Trump is defending himself from 91 felony charges in four jurisdictions. He hopes not to have his business empire dismantled by guilty convictions in two trials. So much for defending the police and the Rule of Law.

Despite the claims of Richards and Trump, crime actually has been on a downward trend in recent years. Certainly we do not feel this to be the case here in L.A. County with the no-bail policies of our district attorney. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of this mistake in the November election, and also return Trump to public housing in the federal prison system instead of the White House.

Thomas Oatway


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