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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Of all the insidious lies told about President Donald Trump, one of the worst ones was the “fine people on both sides” lie. I’m loath to cite Snopes because their bias is so profound, but this time I am. Snopes recently said that President Trump did not call neo-Nazis and white supremacists “very fine people” — 

Since this came from supposedly the premier fact-checker, we can now finally put this lie to bed despite everyone having the transcript of what Trump actually said. President Joe Biden said the reason he ran for president was because of this lie. So he based his candidacy on a lie, which isn’t surprising given his issues with plagiarism and personal embellishments.

On a more local level, Gary Horton on Jan. 3 of this year said, “Indeed, our functioning democracy, which, until Donald Trump did his ‘good people on both sides’ and ‘rigged system’ shtick and full-blown coordinated insurrection, was key to this exceptionalism.” I would be very interested in hearing from Mr. Horton justifying repeating such an obvious falsehood. My guess is that he, and others, knew it was a lie but he/they didn’t care. The ends justify the means when it comes to Trump, or any Republican for that matter, so even though many people knew it was a lie, that didn’t matter. Some didn’t know it was a lie and those people are Mr. Horton’s audience.

It is our job to never let them forget their lies and the damage they cause. They lied about Russian collusion, the Ukraine call, Jan. 6, the election, and a hundred other things because they knew that there were some people out there who didn’t know any better. Those people are very useful to them. What’s laughable is that these people who peddle in deceit actually think they have credibility and the moral high ground.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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